17/10/2017 फक्त बांबूचा कंदील नव्हे, हा तर त्यांच्या आयुष्यातला प्रकाश
19/08/2017 to 30/08/2017 Ranbhajya – Programme for Wild Vegetables of Tribal Area - रानभाज्यामहोत्सव २०१७
28/08/2017 to 30/08/2017 Participation in Leadership Council 2017
19/06/2017 Certificate for Team member of Mukta Balikabhavan
19/06/2017 Celebration of 100% results in 10th std. & 12th std. of Our Own Mukta Girls
01/05/2017 to 31/05/2017 Baljatra-2017 - Project at 32 Locations during 1 month
15/01/2017 Opening of SBI Khelwadi Project
22/08/2016 Vruksha (Tree) Bandhan
22/08/2016 Raksha Bandhan
13/03/2016 Mahila-Din Celebration in Dombivli
08/03/2016 Recognition on Mahila-Din
04/03/2016 to 06/03/2016 Vidullata Exhibition by Photo Circle Society Thane
22/02/2016 Media News by Local News Paper
20/02/2016 हर घर रोजगार – ब्लाउज Manufacturing unit
14/02/2016 Trip of all Ajies from Dilasa to Mahad Ganapati Temple
07/02/2016 Computer Donation for Mukta
01/02/2016 to 03/02/2016 Solar Cooker demonstration with school kids of Mokhada
17/01/2016 Participation in Standard Charter Mumbai Marathon
25/12/2015 Medical Camp at Mukta - Medical Check- up and HB testing
26/08/2015 to 28/08/2015 मेंदू स्वच्छता अभियान - Youth Development Programme
01/03/2015 Clock Schedule Training
01/03/2015 Certificate Distribution of Computer course
01/03/2015 Life Skill Session with Girls
10/08/2014 Mokhada – Khelwadi Project - Innovating Raksha Bandhan Prog
30/07/2014 Activities at Khelwadi
01/07/2014 Kitchen Garden Seeds Distribution Programme - Mokhada - 3 Padas
08/06/2014 Dental Check-up Camp For Mukta Balikabhavan, Titwala
04/06/2014 Eye Check-up Camp For Mukta Balikabhavan, Titwala
04/06/2014 Haemoglobin B Testing Camp For Mukta Balikabhavan, Titwala
27/05/2014 Sound Mind with Sound Body… 'Art of Living' Workshop for Mukta Bilkabhavan
03/05/2014 Live IPL match at Vankhede Stadium - Girls from Mukta Bilkabhavan, Titwala
19/04/2014 Light Of Hope - Ruipada, a remote village in Mokhada, Lights to 27 Families
19/04/2014 & 20/04/2014 Medical Camps for tribal People - 11 Pada's. 338 people benefited
01/04/2014 MG- NREGA Rocks Development Project cum Employment to Villagers
09/02/2014 Mala Jagu Dya - "मला जगू द्या अभियान " - Development Project cum Employment
06/10/2013 Tanishka Award
04/10/2013 Live Debate on IBM Lokmat TV Channel on Govt. Policy of Senior Citizen Issues
02/10/2013 Mokhada Project - Health Camp… One step for Healthy Life


Security for the Old Age, participation by TV Media

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