मेंदू स्वच्छता अभियान - Youth Development Programme

Group of youth, gathered together for the project

Activity game no. 1

Activity game no. 1

Raksha Bandhan at Project

Presentation of the project completed

A group, attended the project

हर युवक का नारा है .... सारा जमाना हमारा है

Parivartan always tries to bring positive change… True meaning of Democracy… For the People … By the people…. Off the people

We organized training programme for youth from Mokhada with Support of YASHADA, Pune. The title of the training peogramme was लोकसहभागातून आदिवासी विकास. Various sessions were conducted on the Tribal Culture, Tribal Rights, various schemes available for them, how to improve their participation in Governance and whole village development process.

Total 41 youth members from 8 different Grampanchayat from Mokhada attended this training. Training was for 3 full days and all participants enthusiastically participated in the programme. Various games, group work activities, songs motivated members to participate actively. After some session sudden response was received from participants, they shared that,
"ताई आमच्या गावात संत गाडगेमहाराज स्वच्छता अभियान राबवले जाते, या प्रशिक्षणासाठी आल्यानंतर आम्हाला लक्षात येते आता फक्त स्वच्छता अभियानाची गरज नाहीये, तर आता संत गाडगेबाबा मेंदू स्वच्छता अभियानाची गरज आहे. त्यानेच गावातील लोक जागृत होतील, सक्षम होतील आणि गाव विकासासाठी खऱ्या अर्थाने सुरवात होईल. ताई गावातील मेंदू स्वच्छ केले कि विकासाची वाट अपोआप दिसाला लागेल आणि लोक या प्रक्रियेत उत्साहाने सहभागी होतील. ताई आम्ही आता हि मेंदू सफाई मोहीम आपापल्या गावात लगेचच सुरु करू."
I think this is the greatest acknowledgment that we got for our training. This is what we want… as we strongly believe Change is possible…. Change is here.

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