The ways, you can contribute in Privationís work

The Parivartan is working with a definite objective to achieve a set goal of women empowerment. Sense of Social binding and motivation to do something for our own community drives the volunteers to do dedicated efforts to achieve the success. The organization has developed a remarkable rapport with the members of society and Government. All the projects except the RCH are run totally on the donations by the society members. All donations are exempted under Sec. 80G of Income Tax Act.

Yes, 'We Together' can make a change...

You can give your skills and knowledge to organization

You can give your time for organization work

You can contribute by sponsoring specific project

You can take responsibility of specific event such as workshop, seminar

You can support by providing medical and educational aid

You can contribute for space and land for our projects

You can contribute for administrative cost of organization

You can provide financial support to activities of organization... You can Donate

Vision of a Society where Every Woman lives with FREEDOM and DIGNITY
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