Our Programmes

Parivartan Mahila Sanstha is a Non-for-profit organization registered in 2000 by women who were active in social sector in various capacities. The organization is established with the prime focus of women empowerment.

Organization works with a vision of a society where every woman lives with freedom and dignity, Parivartan has made continuous efforts to address varied facets of life. Community participation and holistic development approach are the key word that we use in our organization. In all programmes we try to motivate participants, beneficiaries to participate actively in the process of their own development. We as organization play a role of facilitator and motivator. Our thrust is to make them self-reliant and there should be sustainable development of the society. Along with this all organization facilitate various networks related to child trafficking and implementation, evaluating, monitoring various schemes running through Government.


Three Major Programmes:

1) Mukta Balikashram – Orphanage for destitute girls at Titwala.

2) Dilasa Day care Center – Second home for senior citizens at Dombivli.

3) Community Development Programmes - at Mokhada and Ganeshpuri

Other Programmes:

    Other Programmes


Mukta Balikashram – Orphanage for destitute girls at Titwala


Mukta is one of the programmes that we had started by understanding the present need of hour i.e. providing residential care center for the orphan and destitute girls in 2005. We at Parivartan wants to provide care and support for such needy girls who had right to get their home, education and all other benefits that a child should get. It becomes our prime responsibility to provide them care and support and help them to become good citizens of the country. We at Mukta do not only provide them shelter but also satisfy their emotional and social needs. We provide them good quality and value education which ultimately useful for their future. Mukta is home for 45 orphan girls now.
At Mukta, our focus is on the all-round development of the girls. Mukta undertakes activities and programs to ensure that they grow into self-reliant and well-groomed individuals.

In initial period, only food, education and shelter were provided to girls. When we started running the same and started working closely with the girls, we understood various problems, their needs etc. Then accordingly we started our activities in the center. But our thrust was to provide them environment like home. They should not feel like staying in the center. It’s their home. As academic education is of great importance in the development of the girls. Girls between 1st to 4th standard study at Krantiveer Bhagat Singh Prathamik Vidyalaya, that is owned by KDMC (Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation). Girls between 5thand 10th standard study at Ganesh Vidya Mandir. After Regular school, the girls are given additional tuitions on all the subjects. Girls are given vocational training to develop additional skills. These include activities like bag making, sewing and stitching, embroidery, Artwork, jewellery making, beauty parlour training and so on. As many of the girls come from distressed situations, providing mental and emotional support becomes very vital. Counsellors from Institute for Psychological Help (IPH), Thane visit the ashram regularly on an honorary basis. In addition to this, the staff also monitors and reports issues faced by the girls. Medical camps are conducted on regular basis to ensure good health and address medical issues faced by the girls. Currently, Sanjivani Hospital, Dombivli and Shree Maha Ganpati Hospital, Titwala provide medical services on an honorary basis. The girls are groomed about the importance of nutrition on regular basis. A dietician visits the Balikabhavanon an honorary basis. On a day-to-day basis, the girls are provided with a wholesome, balanced and nutritious food. We also conduct personality development programmes, Savendana – programme for emotional development of girls were also added.

Our 6 girls got married and staying happily with their families. They also come to Mukata on various occasions with their family.


Dilasa Day care Center – Second home for senior citizens at Dombivli


This programme is also started by understanding the need of the present changing scenario of the society. Parivartan was organizing various awareness generation programmes related to various schemes available and how to take benefit of the same to senior citizens. In these programmes when we had detailed interaction with them we came to know that there is great need of day care center cum recreation center for the senior citizens, where these people can come, share their experiences, remove the feeling of loneliness, feel that they do have support system for them and can enjoy their second half. We started Dilasa which aims to provide food, shelter, togetherness feeling to senior citizens. At Dilasa 17 Senior citizens are presently staying and enjoying their second half. Apart from that many senior citizens come on regular basis for one day, for week for a month and stay in Dilasa . Till Today more than 150 senior citizens took benefit of the same. We also organize various cultural, social programmes for our Ajis and Ajobas (Senior Citizens) on regular basis. Everybody who come to Dilasa always say that this place provide them opportunity to start their life with new perspective. Apart from food and shelter regular medical check up and various activities were also organized for them. Many people also visit Dilasa and spare their time with these people.


Community Development Programmes - at Mokhada and Ganeshpuri


Parivartan recently started new project in tribal belt of Thane District. We are working at Mokhada on community development projects. Mokhada block is 100% tribal belt of Thane district. Agriculture is the main source of income for them and most of the villagers migrate to nearby cities, area for finding employment for the remaining 6 months of the year.

In 2013 we had conducted survey for the students from 1st to 4th Standards from Hirve- Ghanwal Grampanchayat form Mokhada Block (Taluka). In this pre-test we came to know that 75% students of 3rd and 4th Standard will not able to read and write, we planned to implement new innovative programme Khelwadi.

Looking at the present status of children in this area it seems that due to various reasons quality education has not been given to them. These children remain deprived of quality education .They need to get an appropriate channel to build up their abilities, stimulate their creative thinking & build up the overall personality. It will help to reduce the gap between the quality education provided in urban & rural areas. Considering this need we decided implement Khelwadi project in these areas to provide supportive education & focus on the overall development of children. Our aim is to provide supportive coaching classes to improve the reading & writing skills, communication skills, to help children learn mathematical, scientific concepts in simpler way etc. Besides we provide them an opportunity to develop their potentials, chance to participate in each & every activity, help them build leadership skills , develop coping mechanisms & gain confidence to face the society in a more positive way. Kelwadi not only help them to improve the academic performance but also it helps children build up personality to deal with life situation more positively. Strategy of learn with fun has enhanced the interest of children. Special syllabus and different teaching techniques are two important aspects of the Khelwadi. From June 2013 we were running two Khelwadi’s in the area. 67 children are taking benefit of the project.

When we started this Khelwadi project in the area, another important aspect that we found is many families migrate to nearby cities for employment purpose. Recently one act for providing employment opportunities for the villagers throughout the year has been passed by State Government. National Rural Employment Guarantee Act has been passed to reduce the migration and poverty from the rural area. We observed that people are not aware about this act and don’t know how to use the same for their benefit, we started organizing awareness camps for the act in the area. Parivartan strongly believes in increasing people’s active participation in their own development, awareness generation tool was used by the organization. More than 12 awareness camps in 12 hamlets of the village were organized in 3 months. When people got information about the act, they demanded detailed training programme for the same. We had conducted training programmes for effective implementation of the act, and how people will get benefit from the same. As a result for last 3 months more than 250 villagers got employment opportunities in their villages only. Continuous follow –up and monitoring of the act will certainly help to reduce the migration from the area.

As organization we also work with Self Help Groups (SHG) from the area to make them self-sustainable. We also conduct various training programme to make them self-sustainable. We at Parivartan believe that every individual has power and capacity to develop one. It is only push, motivation and moral support that everyone requires to bring change in the lives. We cater these needs of the women and give them feeling that they can change their world, come out of poverty, can bring positive changes in village governance. Formation of SHGs, regular rapport with the women, monthly meetings with members, bank linkages for business development, communication with Government Authorities are some of the tasks that we perform for SHGs. We also work with them in the area of agricultural development. We provide kitchen garden seeds, conduct kitchen garden competitions, farmers training programmes at Mokhada and nearby villages. This year we have distributed 150 Kitchen garden seeds to SHG members.

Special training modules prepared and implementing –
Bachat Gat
: Ek Navi Disha, Bachat Gat : Gav Vikasachachi Chalwal, SHG Audit, Bachat Gat : Employment Opportunity etc. for empowering Self-help groups on various issues like role of SHG members, team building, empowerment through SHG, financial management, auditing and on other various subjects as per requirement of the SHGs.


Other Programmes

        Sakhi Vasundhara            Swayamsiddha                        Sabala                                 Urjita

Along with this all organization facilitate various networks related to child trafficking and implementation, evaluating, monitoring various schemes running through Government.

Community Participation and Holistic Development approach are the key word that we use in our organization. In all programmes we try to motivate participants, beneficiaries to participate actively in the process of their own development. We as organization play a role of facilitator and motivator. Our thrust is to make them self-reliant and there should be sustainable development of the society.

Programme Objective Area of operation and Population covered
Urjita Self Help Group
Social and Economical empowerment of the women
8 Blocks of Thane District.
7000 women
525 SHGs
Farmers Group
Mobilization for and strengthening agriculture activities
8 Blocks of Thane District.
600 participants
Sabala Strengthening health care services and sensitizing women about the same. Shahapur Block of Thane District.
29 Villages
4000 women
Swadhar Prevention, rescue and rehabilitation for the girls and women indulged in trafficking In Maharashtra
2 Rehabilitated and
467 Participants
Swayamshidda Helping women to access and implement the schemes available. Thane District
23 women
Jagruti Creating Awareness on various issues related women’s empowerment. In Maharashtra
1050 Individuals
Sakhi Counselling and support for the women in crisis situation Thane District
123 women
Adhar Providing care and support for the women living with HIV/AIDS Thane District
22 women
Ekati Work for empowering Single women Thane District
147 single women


Vision of a Society where Every Woman lives with FREEDOM and DIGNITY
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