Kitchen Garden Seeds Distribution Programme
Mokhada - 3 Padas at Hirve - Patilpada, Jambhulmatha, Ghanwal

Good Food For Better Health - Mazi Parsbag (My Kitchen Garden)

We at Parivartan believes that every body has right to have good health and so we had organised Parasbag (Kitchen Garden) Competition for all SHG members from Mokhada.... Women liked the concept and participated in the competition. We had distributed them seeds and will give prize for the best kitchen garden from the Pada as well as from all of them. Women were very happy to accept the challenge and said that age age 'Dekho Hota Hei Kya..... '

Will also conduct sessions on nutritious food and our habits... Changing attitudes in innovative way....

Kitchen Garden Seeds distributed to 3 Padas at Hirve - Patilpada, Jambhulmatha, Ghanwal. And around 80 members of SHGs.

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